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Larko -

I know this is a silly question but I have to ask because I honestly do not have a clue. Was not the NAFTA treaty supposed to eliminate the prospect of travellers between US and Canada paying customs duty for anything they import for personal use?

Alan -

Good question but sad answer. Nothing like the EU. Plenty of limitations.

Flavius -

I just returned from a Seattle beer run and have a few ideas:
- map out all of your stops on a real street map, saves time by not getting lost.
- read up on beeradvocate.com and ratebeer.com for beer store reviews, very enlightening.
- bring your own wine box from home. In case the store does not have any.
- I always travel with bubble wrap, packing tape and oversized ziploc bags. These are great for protecting beer if you are flying home.
- Be mindful of pricing. At one place Mirror Mirror was $6 at another it was $12. Email ahead for planned larger purchases
- When you load up your basket, vary your beer styles. It can be overwhelming and tempting to fill up with Belgians. Get a nice English milk stout or a Poland Porter for a change.

Alan -

One more tip. FInd a hotel like the one we are inwhich has a gas station next door well stocked with Ommegang beers.

Gail -

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