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Luke -

When were you at the Sea Dogs? I work there as a vendor (selling Sea Dogs Biscuits) for extra pocket change, so we probably saw one another.

rompinreggie -

Hey Alan, I think I know what you are saying. The US has relaxed laws for pubs, and Canadians have their heads elsewhere. Out here on the West Coast, many true pubs have turned into glorified restaurants. Affordable lunches for a working stiff have become out of the question. 10 bucks for soup and sandwich, and $5.25 for a pint of Bud? I don't think so. And kids? Well, in WA state and Oregon, both of which have some great brew pubs, kids are still a problem, not being allowed, but most pubs have an area attached that allows children, making it easy for the entire family. Price, well, that is the big flabbergast. Fine beer and food is peanuts compared to here at home. AND, if you hit Happy Hour, Yabba Dabba Doo! Sure we have a so called free medical system, but I wonder where all the taxes go from ridiculous beer prices? I am sure, many readers want to hear about your Mid West trip in August. We did WA, ID, Montana and N. Dakota last summer. What an eye opener that was.

Alan -

Luke! I was in section 204, row C, seat 16 on Thursday nights when the B-Mets beat the Sea Dogs. Got some good beers at Allagash but missed out on even hitting Novare Res this time.

Randy -

Well, if it's any consolation posts about your trip can be helpful to others. Personally I would love to hear your input because I will be heading straight through there at the end of August. Your input about places you stopped would be very useful to me. I will have kids in tow and it's important to note where we can all have a good experience.

Even if it's nothing more than a travel note I think the mention is worth it. Besides, not every place is good and the good ones need all the help they can get.

Dave -

I'm fed up with the price of ontario beer. Get this Florida, 18 pack of coors in Florida is 13.99, other us beer is 8.99 for 18. IMPORTED Labbats wiill set you back a buck a beer for 24. And 24 Corona 26.00. Screwem this summer but pop, anything but beer. Oh and to put things into perspective, the average woring stiff has to put in 2 hours just to buy a weekend 24.