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Randy -

Aye. Well living in the United States has its drawbacks and this is one of them. Everyday I hope that we wake up with the ability to once again practice personal responsibility. Unfortunately I fear we've gone too far down the path of let someone else dictate my thoughts.

MADD - The PETA of the alcohol world, or is that PITA? Either way it ain't good. Shut up, we get it, you are afraid someone will be irresponsible and kill someone else (really, does anyone care if they kill themselves?). This will always be a possibility unless we all just kill ourselves at birth. It's kind of like computer security, the only secure computer is one that does not exist.

I'm not for anything that encourages (read: forces) companies to spend money on advertising that is designed to warn you of the obvious. Smoking may cause lung damage.. no really? Alcohol can impair your abilities, blah blah. It doesn't do any good. Teaching people to make responsible decisions helps.

Here's my idea of a great campaign: We make great beer, you don't chug it, you don't slam it, you don't abuse it. It's a beer for responsible people who understand that tomorrow we'll make an even greater beer and that they'll want to be here to experience it.

There.. that's all. :)