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jesskidden -

Ah, but on the other hand, Canada doesn't get credit for first selling pre-mixed "beer + Clamato juice". Didn't Brick's Red Eye pre-date Anheuser-Busch's versions by many years? Was Brick's the original? Did any other Canadian brewers follow their lead?

Down here in the US, for some odd reason, tomato juice + beer is now thought of as a Mexican-influenced drink but I've always thought it came from the North- at least, in my case, I first tried it over 20 years ago after a suggestion by someone who'd picked up the habit in Canada . And in that time, I've probably gone through a good six-pack or two of Clamato- probably averaging one drink every two years or so...

Alan -

No so much as a bottled product but I was drinking that - called "two and juice" - at the Midtown in the early 80s. Gerry was the kind Saturday morning bartender who made many a Haligonian happier through his ministrations. In Halifax then the pattern of beer glass was using 2 eight ounce glasses as the unit of a beer purchase in an tavern. So "two and juice" was two eight ounce glasses with a small can of tomato juice. It was up to the customer to mix.

Vern -

The first Blueberry beer I had was one I made at Big River Brewing in Richmond BC (another Canadian locale surrounded by blueberries) in 1998. I doubt it had any influence on the Maritimers now making one though!

Alan -

To be very fair to Greg Nash, he would be entirely right to say there was none in the local market but that there were people out there with the idea already. I wonder if there is one in the Joy of Home brewing or other earlier texts that 1990s micros would have known about.