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The Professor -

Good beer is good beer regardless of who brews it, so I would disagree with the idea that big beer is separate from craft beer. Both segments are in the same business (making beer) and for the same reason (to make money). The micro segment as definitely reawakened consumer's tastebuds, mostly in a good way (even if they appear to be on a mission to get consumer tastebuds accustomed to massive hoppiness hiding a multitude of faults beneath the surface). They have also created a monster: the nouveau beer snob. The pontificating I hear at my local haunt has really begun to grate on me. It makes me want to order a Michelob (actually, not a bad choice either).

Despite that, my beer sensibility and tastes, like yours, do definitely lie more with the small brewers and the dwindling traditional brewers in other countries (I am in the US) as opposed to the "bigs"...but certainly not exclusively. I have no special allegiance to the micro industry even though I largely enjoy their products. If anything, I've become concerned about the increasingly inflated prices I pay for many of their products. That often considerable price premium should be an indicator of quality but far too often lately, it is has most definitely not been.

As a result I have nothing against the industrial brewers who are beginning to jump on the craft bandwagon. I will generally try a new "craft" product from the bigs to see if one of the mega brewers have finally gotten it right (they SHOULD be able to do it better than anyone...I think most will agree that so far it has been hit-or-miss) .
But really, the size of the manufacturer is of little importance to me, and in no way to I feel "hoodwinked" drinking a craft beer from a big brewer. The craft, after all, is in the making and not the size of the operation.
Some will definitely disagree, but hey...everyone's tastebuds (and perspective) are unique. At least there's a LOT of choice these days.

Man 1 -

I completely see where you are coming from. A great product should be great regardless of the advertising involved. Taking a beer and advertising because you have won a gold medals is one thing - dropping price to get it out of the door is another. I suppose the economist who works for Molson likely drinks the best quality since that gives the most utility. He, like us appreciates the best beer has to offer.