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James -

Make a cabbage slaw with cilantro, lime juice, a little red onion and vinegar and use that instead of the salad greens. Even better.

I like Mahi Mahi/dolphin as it's firm and extremely sustainable as a fish.

Alan -

I always wanted to have Mahi Mahi with Piri Piri sauce over couscous with a cocoa afterwards.

rompinreggie -

Hi Alan, Wished I had been at your feed last night. I visit Mexico usually 2 to 4 times a year, and one of my favourites, is Ceviche. Made right it is absolutely wonderful, all raw. Stuff this grub in a taco shell, smothered in Limon juice, and salt, and it can be Heaven. Word of warning, go to a good restaurant, or watch the cook, as a bad dose of Ceviche can be absolute hell for 3 to 4 days with you flat on your back, or sprawled out in the can, wishing you were dead. I would think a good Mexican Restaurant in your area would have it. It is the Mexican people's favourite. Bon Apetit

Alex -

I don't know about that :P fish and tacoos sounds kind of funny to me :P

rompinreggie -

Hey Alex, Don't knock it till you try it. It is a hell of lot better than Sushi, and worth peanuts in Mexico. We normally just eat Ceviche with a home made corn chip thing and loads of guacamole, which you also have to watch for cleanliness and bacteria free count. Even my daughter, the pickiest 13 year old in Canada loves it.
Just remember lottsa lime juice, salt, and presto.

Thomas -

I am watched one of my favorite food items being destroyed before my eyes, LOL.

Too many years in Arizona & San Diego I suppose, but if you enjoyed I am sure it worked.

Alan -

I will now defend the right to fish tacos to the end. Ceviche? Well, I learned to like raw oysters so I suppose it is inevitable.

Knut Albert -

Gotta try this. Most of the haddock available here is smoked, would probably be nice in a taco, too. And I'll try with cod, too.

Alan -

Attaboy. I had it with scallops, too.