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Amy -

Alan, Your two posts have been very interesting. I have written a longer response on my own blog. Historically the beer industry supported and helped fund MADD. In my own experience of reading beer blogs it seems that they are the most vehemently opposed to any attempts to acknowledge or deal with the negative health consequences of alcohol abuse.

Alan -

Good comments. I like this bit:

Historically... the brewing industry tried very hard to work with and help fund MADD and other neo-temperance organizations. While the USBA still existed they were very careful to not express an opinion on the minimum drinking age and were totally supportive of MADD’s efforts to reduce drunk driving. The Beer Institute, successor to the USBA, has pretty much followed this line. The larger brewers organizations generally save their energy for fighting taxes increases and any attempts to restrict their abilities to market their products. I have been reading beer bloggers for about three or four years and it is my observation that beer bloggers, who are sometimes also home brewers, are the most vociferous in their complaints about neo-temperance activities. I think Alan will have an uphill battle promoting BBADD"

I must live on an incline as not only do I not see it as a battle but quite an interesting opportunity - perhaps if only to suggest that being anti-BBADD must really about something else.