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Melissa Cole -

Hiya Alan,
I wasn't misquoted. A lot of the beer rejectors I meet - and not just women but this was the context of the article - are put off by the smell of commodity lager brands, the super-high carbonation or the general paucity of quality in them.

I didn't say that commodity brands weren't accessible, or that other beer styles aren't more scary, what I was pointing out is that, scientifically, women have a better palate and that they will be more sensitive to these kind of off scents & flavours and would be therefore more likely to reject them.

I'm also not saying that men don't smell or taste these either, what I'm asserting is that because women aren't socially 'expected' to drink beer, they are therefore not necessarily under pressure to get used to a set of aromas or flavours they would instinctively reject - and so because commodity beer is usually their first contact with the brewing world they immediately default to the position of not liking beer, which is what I'm trying to counter.

I'm sorry you thought it was a silly statement, but I disagree with that assertion, and can see how you come to the misquoting conclusion given some of the factual errors in the article, but hope the above offers a bit more explanation.


Alan -

Thanks but I have to admit I still do think it is silly. You have explained that a lot of people reject the smells yet maintain that "female instinct" is involved and added "what I was pointing out is that, scientifically, women have a better palate." Please provide the science for the palate and the instinct or these things will look silly.

Isn't the real point that most people can easily tell that crap beer is crap by its inherent crapulousness?

Alan -

For example, these be taste scientists.