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jeff pereyda -

Oi, Gotta love the Aussies. Been there and loved the people and the Coopers.

Prof. Pilsner -

G'Day Alan,

The worst part of this is two-fold. The louts were all teens to mid twenties and from Serbian and Croatian backgrounds! All born and bred Aussies but with the prejudices of their forebears inside the big chips on their shoulders.

In addition, this has happened the last three years! They wave flags and chant at each other and then have a chest-beating standoff after they are booted from the courts. Sometimes they are moved on before it all jumps off but sometimes, like in this instance, some peanut throws a plastic lawn chair!

The saddest part - they're not all lagered up! This is just dickheads being dickheads.

Prof. Pilsner