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Knut Albert -

Zero malt, eh?
Is it still a beer, then?

john turningpin -

Both happoshu and dai-san biiru taste, for the most part, like wet dog.

Asahi released a ginger-infused happoshu called Ginger Draft ( http://www.asahibeer.co.jp/ginger/ ) late last year, and that one's actually not so bad if you drink it quickly enough. Also, Sapporo released Mugi to Hoppu (”Barley and Hops") happoshu and has been touting how beer-like it is. Which it sort of is if you drink it fast enough, but it has the same sort of artificial crisp dryness that identifies happoshu and dai-san biiru.

The only really good beer here is from microbrewers (the devil take the Kirins and Asahis of the world), and they aren't cheap. A single can of good stuff from a brewer like Kinga Kogen ( http://www.gingakogenbeer.com/ ) will set you back 260 to 280 yen for a single can, as opposed to 130 to 160 yen for happoshu. The good stuff is definitely worth it though.

john turningpin -

p/s - Sorry for the double post, but LOL at noticing Knut Albert's post above mine. I've poked around your blog as well, sir. :)

john turningpin -

Very sorry for the triple post -- re: Mugi to Hoppu, I meant to say, if you drink it *cold* enough. Feel free to edit the original post and delete this one.

Alan -

No problems! Thanks Jon.

DH -

Friends, Japan is in some rough times when it comes to good beer. To my knowledge, we have the only English language site totally devoted to Japanese ji-beer and Japanese beer news. Come and poke around , comment and tell us what you think.

Oh yeah, and happoushu sucks.