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Violence Worker -

In my two, two month stays at CFB Trenton (August September of 2007 and March-April of 2008) helping the Canadian Air Force get up to speed with their new C-17s (or CC-177 as you folks number them), I gained a lot of respect for the Canadian Forces. Those guys can do more with less than anybody I've ever seen.

A great bunch of folks!

I lift my glass of Alaskan Smoked Porter to them all!


Ron Pattinson -

An ex-squaddie told me he felt sorry for the American troops in Bosnia when he served there because they weren't allowed beer. He reckoned that being able to wind down with a drink or two helped British soldiers cope.

Alan -

Well, if we are talking about those who put themselves in harm's way for freedom doesn't it sort of make sense to ensure they themselves have the choice of such relief free as society gives us all?

ovh -

the soldiers were allowed 2 beers in Iraq for Christmas this year...