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Randy -

Ahh Victory Brewing, almost assured heaven in a bottle. There are some places that just get it right and they are one of them. Baltic Thunder was one that I had not had the opportunity to try as it rarely made its way to Rochester. However last summer on my trip to Cape May, NJ I found a bottle in the local liquor store (btw: NJ liquor laws are horrid). Anyway I pounced on it. As luck would have it the tail end of a hurricane was coming through that night and I spent the night inside our tiny cabin enjoying this beer!

As a side note we stayed at a campground that had tiny cabins but also had wireless internet. I know, it's no longer camping at that point but let me tell you the ability to stream cartoons from a website that night was heaven when having two small children to entertain during 50mph winds and torrential rain.

GS -

Sounds like a good brew. I'll give it a try. Thanks for the info! Happy drinking..