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brodie -

I understand the intent of the experiment, I think, was to produce somehow and undesirable effect (souring) that you find desirable. I'm interested in other reports like this with ales that are intended for aging however. I have received several bottles as gifts over the years that while they were perfectly fine to drink at the date of sale had some indication on the bottle or packaging suggesting that they could be aged. A few that come to mind are Fullers Vintage, Thomas Hardy and Mill Street's Barley wine. I've never had the patience to do this and drunk them almost immediately. Very curious to read your review of any of these after aging. Cheers.

Alan -

Well, I have Fullers Vintage bottles from 2005-2008 and intend to pop them all this winter. If I can find older on my travels, I'll add those too.

Alan -

The 2007 version is a little different. Huge rocky head, a bit more of the roast and hop. Very nice. So the verdict on this off the cuff one bottle test is cellar for a year but no more.