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Randy -

Well, since you'll be traveling through Syracuse you could always stop at Middle Ages brewing. Sadly my ventures for beer are aligned solely around when the family wants to take a trip. Hell I am jealous you get to make that trip to Ithaca, I'd only have to drive from Rochester and I can't find the time..

Enjoy the trip.

Toby -

Having attended college in Ithaca, I can't understand your enthusiasm for the place... but I can for the beer selection. Finger lakes beverage center is great and even Wegmans (Syracuse/Ithaca locations) has a very good selection of craft beer, often at prices lower than the beverage center. Ithaca Ale house is decent, their beer selection isn't remarkable, but the oaked nut brown they have on tap is good. If you must make a stop in Cortland and want to have a few pints, the college orientated Red Jug pub usually has a good selection on tap - including Middle Ages, Belhaven, Fullers ESB, Ommegang brews, DFH, and some other beers you don't often find in the area. Check ahead of time though.

In Syracuse, Clark's Ale house, Blue Tusk and Middle Ages are all worthwhile stops. If you have not already had them, MA's oaked dragonslayer and blackheart stouts are really excellent if you can find them, along with their tenth anniversary IIPA.

Love your blog, keep up the good work!

Alan -

Thanks for the information! I think, Toby, that what makes Ithaca work for us are places like the Sciencenter, the Museum of the Earth and Purity Dairy that I would have found blah in university but which really work once you have rug rats. Plus it is a slice of America which makes it a little exotic like summer afternoons at Watertown watching college league baseball is in a different way. And Finger Lake Beverages.