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Paul Steele -

Great idea. I think 3.5% beer in a 330ML bottle comes out as exactly one standard drink, which makes it easier to keep track of comsumption.

at that rate of drinking, i think most people would be bloated with beer before they had a chance to get rolling drunk

Randy -

I suppose this really depends on what country you are in. In the United States I don't see this working. We're not a bar culture. Cheap beer is not overpriced now. Those who complain about prices aren't going to stop because a beer lower in alcohol is cheaper. I think the question is, are the alcohol prices out of proportion with the alcohol content. For those who are drinking to get drunk I'm not sure they are going for the more expensive beer. I will use my hockey team as an example. The bar we go to after the game offers $6.50 pitchers of Labatt Blue and Blue Light. Will a session beer compete with this? I don't think so. They are not concerned with taste so to speak and I routinely get ridiculed for picking the less mainstream beer (which was Hop Devil last Sunday at $15.50 a pitcher). I am willing to pay that price for a better beer. I will grant that session beers are probably better than your mainstream brews. I will probably pay the price for one of them even with the increased taxes if that's what my taste buds are calling for that night. Those who are drinking to get drunk are going for the $6.50 pitcher. I would argue that if they put pitchers of Guinness on special at $6.50 my team would still choose the Blue and Blue Light. Guinness would qualify as a session beer at 4.2% alcohol.

Again this is purely from a United States point of view (and most assuredly my interpretation of that point of view!)