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Matthew -

I just had my ID (fake) taken last night. I was at a restaurant that IDs after 8 o'clock. I was on my second drink near the end of our dinner and no one in my party was intoxicated or planning on it. We were eating when a fat hostile inspector asked for our IDs. I gave it and he said it was obviously fake. So he took me to the managers office and did the whole take down of information thing. Here's my problem- I get punished (and potentially penalized by the court) for doing something that everybody does. If the ID is "obviously" fake, the training to identify such things should be more thorough at the establishments. The woman who checked my ID at the door could have easily brought in someone who was more qualified and I would have more happily left then rather than some obese sweaty angry piece of crap jot down everything about me incase they want to take legal action. The sealion of a man told me that you can get a criminal record for using a fake ID. To me this is asinine. I did no harm, I was by no means drunk, having a quiet dinner with my friends, and this constitutes a criminal record? This constitutes my enforced inability to leave the country? I'd be ashamed of Canada if that was the outcome. If anything they should just kick minors out. Doesn't that sound like a more efficient and logical process than pissed-off losers looking for powerful positions causing nearly broke university kids financial and legal stress when all they want to do is relax after a week of school?

Jason -

Bars and restaurants can lose their liquor license if they are caught serving minors. When a minor wants to "relax after a week of school" and decides to commit fraud by deceiving a bar with fake government ID or pretending to be someone they are not and break the liquor law by consuming alcohol underage they are also putting the livelihood of the bar owner, manager and serving staff at risk.

But many teenagers are too self-centered and egotistical to think about how their actions can affect others. They are more concerned with what they perceive as fairness towards them. Previous post is case in point.

Alley -

I am 45 yrs old and was just asked to produce proof of age in a bar before they would serve me. I might add that I definately look 45. The bartender said she has the right, (and does) ask everyone for i.d.,even if they look over 65. Is that a new law in Ontario? She blamed the liquor inspectors for this, quoting its their rules. I promptly left without being served.

Lesley -

Hey, there is a bar I've been going to for about ten years, it's not much of a club more like a little sports bar in the community I live in. Everyone is close friends and on Sundays we get together to play our guitars. I'm a very friendly non-trouble making patron. I've even worked there before. Now against the laws, the regular Sunday bar-tender has been letting people smoke in there at the end of the nights, this bar-tender also plays the machine pretty much the whole time we're in there, In-fact I have seen an off duty bar-tender have to get up and serve people because she is too busy smoking or playing the machines. Last Sunday, I was there with the same old people, and my friend who has always been going there probably ten years long than I, sparked up a joint. ( I know what you're going to say.. That's ten times worse!) Well the chemicals in cigarettes are far worse to me than a plant. But that's just my opinion. Well the bar-tender knew what we were doing. My friend lit it, and we smoked it. Afterwards, the bar-tender who I've always had much respect for lost a few hundred dollars on the machines, she turned to us and started yelling.. This was about 5 minutes or more after the joint was gone.. She started freaking out at us. (everyone was leaving at this point) so we walked outside, when she locked the bar up, she came out and went at us again, yelling and screaming. While I was in the bar, I agreed with her that we shouldn't have done it, and it was wrong. While outside, my friend told her, we do respect her, why does she let everyone else smoke and when my friend did or We as the case was that night, she freaks on us!

Anyway (sorry for the ramble) it turns out, the bar-tender barred us. I'm extremely upset over this. Not because I love bars, but because as long as I've been going there helping her out with stuff, breaking fights up for her.. never causing an ounce of trouble, she had one bad day and barred us.. I know everyone will know it's not something we caused on purpose.. we would have taken it outside if she just had of said.. " Get out with that!".. but we never seen it as a problem as she does let people smoke in there.. Anyway... my question is.. HOW do I become a liquor inspector????? : )