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Ernie -

New Belgium is making it's way past the mighty Mudissippi. We have had it here in TN for about 6 months...we haven't seen the Abbey, but we have Fat Tire, Mothership Wit and the 1554 Black Ale (which is spectacular). I have seen where they are moving into NC this year. Hopefully, we will start seeing more variations of New Belgium's tasty goodness.

As for your post, I agree with the Ommegang review. It is a great version of the Belgian beer and is one of my favorites from their line right after the Hennepin.

travis -

Ernie - I am glad to hear they are making their way out east. The 1554 and Fat Tire are awesome. I'm glad you agree with the conclusion, but it was not all that easy. They are both great beers and depending on where you fall on the flavor scale, either one could be a great fit. I recommend drinking a lot of both of them to find out what fits you.

dio -

New Belgium is all over Chicago...nice review

kennhyn -

anything with more then 5%abv, have to brew to the taste is right, I found many taste awful... hope this will be great!

travis -

Both of these breweries hit the nail on the head. Especially the New Belgium, you really would never believe that it's 7%.

Blake -

Ommegang's Abbey Ale is by far one of my favorites... I think your review hits it right on the head.