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Matt -

There has been an uptick in Homebrew sales and while brewing your own beer might not be as cheap as buying a 6 pack of Bud it sure can be on par and just as good as Microbrewed beers that can cost $5 to $10 a six pack .

ethan -

I've been trying to keep tabs on this too. Deschutes commented about this back in December:

And NPR talked about it a few days ago:

Tough times for all, I guess.

Knut Albert -

Danish media wrote about a number of concert venues across the country who are appealing to the government for help. They are already receiving some funds for promoting new music etc, but it is not enough. The reason? The audience at the concerts only have a beer or two, while they used to have quite a few.
Bad news? Sure, for those who want to sell pale lagers in huge quantities. But maybe the public would then pay a little extra for a craft brew to enjoy at the concert?

Alan -

"...maybe the public would then pay a little extra for a craft brew to enjoy at the concert.."

I am now wondering if this is exactly the wrong hope and business strategy.

Josh -

The states in the article that refers to the midatlantic include TN, NC, SC, VA and GA.

I've heard midatlantic refer to coastal states from NY down to GA.

Alan -

Nice catch. Being Canadian I was working on the basis of the geographical jurisdiction of the source of the article, TriCities.com. The "tri" cities seem to be in both TN and VA.

But I think it is not unlike "the mid-section" as used in WWE and other TV wrestling: a zone where you think it likely is

rompinreggie -

Luxury-Affordable-Sales Down? Yes indeed. My local pub, unless there is a hockey game on, is like a morgue most of the time. Saturday afternoons are OK, but mostly lunch crowd. With the decreased sales, management, using their infinite brilliance, has n-ggered up the prices. Duh! Many of the boys have jumped ship, and gone across the village for cheaper beer and ugly waitress's. Not me, I'm hanging in there, but consume much less, as being ungainfully employed, seems to have a bearing on useage. In addition to this dilema, the degree of internal happiness is probably at an all time low. The adjoining beer and wine store's sales are down 15%, right on the nose, and falling each month.
But alas, I shall embark on a new mission; in these times of desparation. I shall start making my own beer. It will be less expensive, and will cut back on jawwing with the boys, and of course, checking out the new waitress. So I shall see more time in my shop with Rosie, my dog.
I shall let those of you that care, know how my first batch turns out. Adios from the Pacific side of Canada

Blake -

I pose this.... about a sixer of beer vs. a bottle of wine. Beer is still considerably cheaper. The stigma of beer is cheap. If we, as industry can promote the flavorful beers, consumers will most likely never go back to those that lack flavor. One case in point is the significant market share of Blue Moon. This is bad for craft in that it is a Coors company but it is fantastic in that they are slowly taking their own customers from their normal product lines of flavorless beers, as they indulge in their curiosity.

blake from beer universe

Smoove D -

I'm with Matt. I'm on my third batch of homebrew, and while it isn't a great savings doing it from kits as opposed to all grain, for the price of Bud I get beer with flavor. Plus I can customize it to suit myself.

Patrick Hirlehey -

I regards to craft brews at concerts, recently I noticed Great Lakes "Red Leaf" promoted at Toronto's Massey Hall at a decent price. But when I saw Neil Young at the Air Canada Centre, it was close to $30 for two large Molsons. Even without a recession I'd be limiting myself.

Alan -

More food for thought in this great article.

rompinreggie -

Hi, I have done a little research on the home brew scene up here in Canada. A local pair of ladies, mother and daughter, sell a system which is boiled, etc. etc. and the net result is 100 - 500 ml bottles(plastic) for $130.00 CAN. Presently, at our government operated liquor outlets, I pay $22.70 CAN. for 12 - 355 ml cans for popular swill, like Molson's Canadian, Bud, etc. Any beer with some balls is more, like the mini brewery types. Yesterday, I noticed my pub now has Guiness on tap. Only $8.50/pint(12 oz?) Molson's Canadian on tap is $4.50 CAN. So, I am thinking the home brew may be the way to go, and the $130.00 will brew any beer you want. All you do is tell the ladies, and they do it for you.
Now, you have to realize, we, up here are taxed to death, at liquor outlets. The $22.70 - 12 pack here can be bought in WA. state in a grocery store for about 7 bucks USD. Same beer from the same brewery. Go figure. BUT, we do have free medical. Problem there is, you can't see a Dr. without waiting 2 years.
Adios, Reg