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Knut Albert -

I am always puzzled by various British and American units for weight and volume. Since when did they start measuring beer in pounds? Is this something they do in Utah?
And maybe, just maybe, some of the beer was rescued, it depends on wether it was in one tank or in more convenient put in the trunk unit...

A thousand years ago, I worked in a transport company, loading ships going northward from Trondheim. There were some rumours about pallets of booze, where an experienced driver of a forklift aimed at the middle of the bottlenecks , managing to slice them off. The contents were then swiftly poured into whatever was at hand. And, as long as the bottles were broken with the screwtop seal still intact, the alcohol was reported lost.

Joe S. -

I find this story very sad, having a soft spot for both hamburgers and Fat Tire.

Knut, beer is not usually weighed in pounds... but trucks are. They've got to weigh in at various points on the highway, so it's possible and probably necessary to know how much the cargo weighs. But it would have been more illustrative to write how many bottles worth of beer that was...

Jordan -

Oh, the humanity. There are so many inferior beers that should have met that fate instead.