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Paul Garrard -

I love Hook Norton beers. The brewery is pretty neat as well. Haymaker is brilliant. Their beer are even better on cask, they don't come my way that often but are always good when they do.

Thad -

This is truly a wonderful beer ... it is one of my wife's favorites and one that she will bite a hand off to get!

If you get a chance to visit the brewery, it is a great place to visit ... a Victorian building, with all of the brewing still powered by a steam engine, and a couple of shire horses for local deliveries (which are also used at special events). Also, it is one of the few breweries that is not dry ... if you get lucky, when you visit, you can have a pint with the very people that brew the beer.

Andrew Blackman -

I used to live in Oxford and had plenty of Hook Norton. The Haymaker summer ale was fantastic. A lot of good memories of lazy summers drinking that stuff. Don't remember ever trying this one. Can really taste it from your description, though!