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Paul Garrard -

JDW are what they are - no frills value for money -WYSIWYG. The UK sadly follows the USA on many things - one of those being corporations not taking any chances. If JDW's legal people say what's acceptable that is what will happen in their pubs. Common sense or no common sense. It's 1984 out there!

"life on the line for Britain" - I don't think so - fighting other people's wars in reality.

Alan -

Well, you may be able to say that about a politician and maybe the general but I think it is frankly crass in relation to the soldier because our political opinions do not shape their experience. I may reflect a certain slim majority in Canada who supports Afghanistan due to the need to protect girls in schools but who is also happy we stayed out of Iraq - but I would not suggest that the experience of the people on the ground in either place is not worthy of respect, especially as it is something I am too chicken shit to do myself whatever the cause.

Jack P. -

I'm with you except for this bit: "Plus, there is nothing more irritating that an organization deciding that it will determine when you are what you plainly are in law and in fact."

Since the pub would be the one in trouble if the ID's were fake (assuming UK laws are similar to US laws), I don't have an issue with them setting their own standards in this regard. However, it is also our right as consumers to keep our currency out of their pockets because we believe their standard is BS.

Alan -

No, there is a difference between having to carry ID for being a certain age and the fact of being a certain age. I would like to be assured that the law governs, not a corporate policy. If the law says nothing can be accepted but the ID, then I can live with that. That is how drivers licenses work here. It is an offense to drive without "proof" - even if you have the license on your dresser at home.

But they clearly do not "card" everyone. If I went in with my grey beard, they would assume I was not needing carding. They clearly make calls based on identification and common sense and not just the three policy approved pieces of paper. For me, if you can prove a fact but their "standards" don't accept that fact it is false propriety.

Phooey. I am still barred and happily so.

Paul Garrard -

I'm a pacifist so I could never fight for anything.

My dig was at the good old US of A and the fact that we continue to be their lapdog, and that our government has clearly brainwashed squadies into thinking they are fighting for Queen and country.

Afghanistan is a conflict that will never be resolved until we have a more secular world and injustice like that in palestine is resolved.

Alan -

Oh well. I am a leftist libertarian non-pacifist who l likes to see the tyrant ground into sausage meat by free people. Any nation which set out to kill the folk who throw acid in the faces of young girls to keep them out of school, uneducated and in the home so the boys can be taught in peace how to be suicide bombers is doing the Lord's work as far as I am concerned.

Voice of Reason -

You can hate the pub chain all you like, but this is a classic example of a situation being blown out of proportion by some badly-written, scandal-loving tabloid rag.

The fact of the matter is, if these people looked under 21 (which he may of, being 21 years-old), they will be ID'd. It is down to the judgement of the server, who did their job properly in rejecting the ID which could easily be false and is not accepted. This is a Wetherspoon policy to prevent the serving of alcohol to minors.

The fact they had been in Afghanistan is completely irrelevant and is merely added to sensationalise the story. 16 year-olds are old enough to fight for their country - so should they be allowed to drink in pubs as well? It's the law for a reason, and if you moan about under age and binge drinking culture, then vigilant IDing is something you should be supporting.

There are many reasons not to drink in a Wetherspoons, but this is not one of them.

Alan -

"...because their military ID wasn't good enough..."

It took you a year to come to that point of view?

wetherspoons blogger 007 -

the bosses at this "pub chain" have now put a poster in every pub about this topic and i can now say that wetherspoons no do accept army ids. i would like to clearly state although i work wor wetherspoons this is not by choice, im a student and jobs in this city are hard to come by this time of the year.,

i would like to ask "voice of reason" where do they work at wetherspoons ?

this is a typical response from the management, admit nothing, dismiss all opinions, and overlook all problems.

Management at wetherspoons ( including, duty managers) should all be politions