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rompinreggie -

Great topic. My usual pub is up to $4.75 a "Sleeve" It is not a Pint, not a glass, we locals call it a "Tweener" A pint, which may provide 1" more beer is $5.25. There appears to be no standard. The only other pub in town has a different programme all together. For your followers, have them check the thickness of the bottom of the glass. I have noticed some pub owners, change their glassware(Overnight), and the new issue will have a 3/4" thick bottom. People like Dominion Glass probably use this gimmick as a sales tool, and the greedy will bite, but s--t disturbers like me, will take note.

Libarbarian -

When my then-girlfriend now-wife worked in London pubs back in the day (okay, 1985) the constant refrain from customers was "Top it up love". If the bitter wasn't flowing down the sides of the glass the regulars were ticked.

cbjerrisgaard -

I wrote a post about this today as well. Its scary how royally screwed we are when it comes to being beer lovers. Short pour, expensive, and restricted in terms of variety thanks to impossible importing documentation...

Alan -

Cry freedom, comrade!

Yeti -

I'm so old I can remember when (as an illegally young patron), I was served draft in 8-oz. glasses with a white line around the top to prevent short-changing of the customer. That was a welcome Ontario government intervention, IMO. As I recall, the price was 15 cents a glass.

rompinreggie -

Hey Yeti, We in B.C. used to have that white line. It was called a plimsel(sp) line. Pub owners association got rid of that idea when a facist government was elected. After the line disappeared, the line was the diameter of a dime. I have a good pal that drinks Guiness, draft, in pints. He is so tight, he checks all his pints with dime. It is also rumoured, he can squeeze a fart out of the Beaver on a Canuck nickel.

Reign -

Yeti, when I was in high school, ( 1972 ) we used to go down to the local bar/eatery where the noon left over food was served ( $2.00 ) and the 8 oz. glass of draft was 10 cents. ( Put a pinch of salt in and watch the show ).

Yeti -

Reign, salt in the beer is bringing back memories of the old-time draft rooms, with the hot-dog ferris wheel on the bar, right beside the pepperettes and the murky, revolting-looking jar of picked eggs. After pounding the cheap draft for a few hours and eating some of that horrid bar food, we'd adjourn to an all-night diner and down a huge heap of pork, bread, fries and gravy. I'm not sure how we survived, but I don't think nutrition had been invented back then. :D

sean -

that's why i moved away. canada is fucked.