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Luke -

Not only is Allen's the best selling alcohol in the state, it's also the 3rd and 4th best selling booze here (depending on the size of the jug it comes in)! And, based on what I've read on your blog, you haven't really been to the part of Maine that drinks Allen's (hint: it's the part of the state which is much closer to your country than to Portland)

Alan -

Ah, that must be it. Now to be fair, I have been in Baa Haa Baa many times as well as Bangor, being a Nova Scotian, but it is true that most of my time is in South Portland... but that's because of Reds.

Bailey -

One of the beer geek pubs in London made the mistake of employing a barman who was actually into beer a couple of years ago. He spent more time lecturing and correcting the customers than he did serving anything. He got particularly shirty when anyone tried to order just "a lager".

Luke -

I'm surprised you didn't come across more Allen's in Bangor, but you'll definitely have to head further inland than SoPo or Bar Harbor (and less touristy) to really get a good sense of what booze in Maine is all about. Far too much of "fat ass in a glass" and "the Lisbon Falls" (Moxie and Jack Daniels)