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jHall -

yeah, it is hit or miss here. I travel for business up here. every weekly trip to the LCBO (and The Beer Store for that matter) is a hit or miss proposition. I have been travelling up here since April and have just found Mill Street bottles at The Beer Store in Brampton. I end up drinking a lot of Euro Macro or Can Macro beers.
Good Luck and keep trying

jason -

Had the same experience with the new LCBO in Burk's Falls. It's a nice store but the Ontario microbrew selection was aweful -- I took the last Mill St mixed pack. Hoogarden was the only Belgian. The canned beers were mostly European lagers -- and they only carried one local Muskoka beer. The wine selection was pretty dire too. Lots of cases of the usual suspects in the large walk-in fridge though.

Scott -

we in ontario should be way more disgusted than we are. It's pathetic.

Jon -

Yeah, When I first saw this banner outside our new LCBO that opened in Leamington (which by the way they built without a walk-in beer cooler section, very disappointing), I jumped for joy!

However, upon actually entering the store, I was brought back to reality when only a handful of the beers on the poster were actually in stock.

Luckily I work in Windsor and have the Roundhouse LCBO close enough on my trip home that I have access to some decent beer still.

But, it's still quite sad to see a lack of beer in a town of > 25,000 people.

Larry -

Dear Sirs at Molsons Canada;
I tried many times to email this note to budweiser, but they don't acknowledge or reply. All I get is returned mail from our server.
Is there anyway you might get this to them?

"Dear Sirs at Budweiser
I wish to register a complaint about your 24 bottle beer cases.
Our family has been purchasing beer for over 40 years. We are extremely disappointed in the quality of your cases.
You sell the most expensive beer and yet are too cheap to even put a divider in the case. Often we picked up a 24 from a slightly damp store cooler and when arriving home frequently one or two bottles slip out of the bottom and smash on the floor. Then when one tries to replace the empties they frequently flop over it is a genuine pain trying to refill the case with the empties.
If you would like to know what a half decent cardboard beer case is constructed like, look at Molson's 24 case. They are constructed with good strong cardboard and have excellent DIVIDERS inside. Even Sleemans has a much better case with DIVIDERS inside.
As for Corona (I have to suppress thoughts about what the beer labourers might pour in their vats sometime.)
Please, please, make a better case!
If we drop one more bottle that smashes on the floor, we're switching to Molsons Canadian!
Yours truly,
Larry Francis

Josh -

I have lived and travelled all over Canada and the States, and I simply cannot believe how primitive and restrictive good beer and spirits are here. There are a couple provincial exceptions, but for the most part, Canada and where I live in Ontario are terrible! They really do cater to the mass-market assembly line products at massively inflated prices! It is so refreshing, as the author of the blog mentioned, to travel into the States or Alberta and have a different set of selection in every store you go into! I am a dark beer enthusiast and have the hardest time finding anything decent here in Ontario. There are a couple options that some stores have, but usually when I ask about dark beers, the response is "We have Guinness". My favourite was the Okocim Porter that used to be a winter fixture until LCBO determined that it wasn't mass-produced enough to fit their demands :) (seriously, that's what the LCBO reps told me!).

Does anyone have any suggestions for good baltic porters/imperial stouts for someone else who enjoys life away from the assembly line?