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Spencer -

Last year, I was pouring Dark Horse stouts at the March stout beer tasting at Arbor Brewing. There were 4 stouts on my table: the Too cream stout, Tres blueberry stout, Fore smoked stout and Plead the 5th imperial stout. I was blown away by them. The Tres and Fore were particularly impressive, as they broke my preconceptions of what fruit and smoked beers are like.

The Tres is first a stout, with a definite blueberry presence harmoniously blended. Think pancakes, blueberry syrup, and coffee. Just yummy. It was a big hit with the patrons, too.

The Fore had just enough smoke to be interesting, and many of the patrons who said "Oh, I don't like smoked beers" were impressed by it. All four were great, and are definitely near or at the top of my list when I'm looking for a stout.

Alan -

I have a few more but missed the blueberry one. I like everything about DH - the dedication to local, the small town aspect. In their community they must be a significant presence. And the beer is intelligent and, at 8 bucks a four pack, very reasonably priced.

ben cultura -

Well I like reading articles about beer. I'm now in Germany for a while and here you can always find several kinds of local beer in every city. In Berlin there are so many activities and celebrations to convince you to drink beer with the local guys. Two years ago I was even alcohol free, but now you see, I can't live without it^_^

Alan -

Having another as the Mets and Cubs play. It's like a slice of pink grapefruit with a light dark chocolate coating.

Alan -

Their Fore smoked stout is a smore - smoked and chocolate. BBQ or dessert?