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mark taylor -

I don't think the weather has much to do with it. I don't recall the source for my belief but I think that as the economy suffers the drinkers turn to liquor rather than beer. It's an intoxication-v-cost ratio of some sort. I'm really surprised that craft beer is still selling as well as it is during this depression(?) considering how costly it is compared to the macro swill prices. In any case, it really comes down to money.

Reign -

If the weather is cool, well those fizzy, yellow lagers don't seem so inviting now do they? But with craft beer that is not the case. Craft beer has hops and malt. People want good flavour. Mega-swill doesn't cut it. As far as price goes, craft beer is not that much more. I want flavour and whether it is hot or not, craft beer delivers. I just don't throw them back like mega-swill drinkers do. I sip away and appreciate the wonderful flavours that a good crafted beer gives me. My beer buying doesn't change with the weather.

Eugene -

I did notice that during cold weather drink more Stouts and belgiums.
While in the summer it is usually pale ale and IPA