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Chris -

I am a homebrewer and I use a lot of water to make beer. Imagine how much the big boys use to make a batch of beer!!! Lucky for me, I live where there is so much water ( just outside Peterborough ) that it will never be an issue. Other parts of the world are not so lucky, they are dry.

Phil -

It's said that breweries use 3-4x's the amount beer they produce in water... Water reclamation and energy use is high priority. New Belgium seem to be good at it.

Sid -

"Your final moment with the brew is just one in a long chain of similar moments that included the brontosaurus. "

I hold firm that my beer had nothing to do with a dinosaur that never existed....

Alan -

HAH! I knew that would be brought up. If there were bronotsauruseses on the Flintstones that is good enough for me/

Tim -

According to Long Trail Brewing's website (http://www.ecobrew.net/ WARNING: excessive Flash) the industry standard is 6:1 ratio of water used per beer. They claim a 2:1 ratio, which if true, is mightily impressive.

Claudius -

It's amazing how the same water can be used to make very different brews... Coors and New Belgium both use water from similar sources, yet they're light years apart in quality

Amanda -

"Coors and New Belgium both use water from similar sources, yet they're light years apart in quality"

Once again someone confuses quality with flavour.