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Pivní Filosof -

Once again, everyone has to pay for the sins (idiocy) of a tiny minority.

Of course, for shortsighted, loud groups like this and some populist polititians, banning things is a lot easier than finding the real cause of the problem, and gets them to the cover of the newspapers faster.

I'm so glad to be living in a civilised country.

Alan -

How thick is your glassware, PF? Maybe that is the real question to ask.

Ed Carson -

87,000 beer glass related injuries sounds like a lot to me, especially in a such a small country. Are they also including bottle related injuries, perhaps the occasional Sid Viscious type injury?

Alan -

Good point. Note clearly:

"...develop a replacement for the conventional pint in order to reduce the 87,000 glass-related injuries reported each year..."

This is not beer glass related injuries. It is all glass-related injuries.

Ed Carson -

So is it beer glass injuries costing 100 million a year or all glass injuries? And all this broken glass, maybe the reason pubs are going out of business.

Alan -

Further more in The Publican.