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Greg from Allagash -

Hey there - I'm confused, it sounds like you're talking about Victoria...since you mention chardonnay in your twitter post. But, neither the Victor nor the Victoria was aged in barrels or casks. Rather we used wine grapes in the mash and a wine yeast strain.

Alan -

Hey Greg. Thanks for correcting my errors. I will leave it up there as proof of my deep and abiding knuckleheadedness. Youk was likely at the bat when I was reading the two pages on your website and at Beer Advocate to get a sense of what was going on.

I thought it was chardonnay-like (one of the few flavours I really do not care for) but I take your direction on both variety and lack of barrelling. Maybe it was the yeast strain, too, or it was a combination but this is the only brew from you guys that I really have not liked. Was there both a lager least and a wine yeast or just the wine yeast? And I don't think it was an off bottle but that is always a possibility.

greg again -

from your follow up description, it sounds like maybe some tannin flavors that could be coming through for you. I'd have to double check, but I believe we used both a wine strain and a belgian ale strain in both Victor and Victoria. We've played around w/ the grapes and the yeast a bit for each batch. I think when you brew enough of a variety you're bound to step outside of someone's particular taste every now and again! We'll keep monkeying around though w/ new stuff because that's what makes it fun...

Alan -

Exactly and that is what makes you guys so interesting. And you have me thinking about what "my taste" may even mean.