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Chris -

We have heard these empty promises before. Politicians who are not in power look at it, tell us it is a great idea and then...nothing. Those foreign owners of the Beer Store are just too powerful. I don't seek out those fantastic American brews elsewhere anymore, I make my own.

rompinreggie -

HI Chris, I havn't been to Ontario since my trip to Expo 67. Spent most of my time before I got to disappointing Expo in WaWa having the engine rebuilt in our VW Van, and detangling the knots in my quaffe.
Anyways, I know nothing of the way beer/wine/booze is distributed to the proletariat in ON, but B.C has to take the cake. We have the LCB which has government ran stores, where one can purchase anything. Then, for many years, in more remote areas, we had LCB Distributors, which were general stores and post offices, also. Eventually, came the advent of Neighbourhood Pubs, which were great, rather than the smokey, stinky classless beer palours. These people rallied, and wanted, Beer and Wine Stores, which they got. Then, a few government durations ago, with the attempt at nailing all government employees, they began issuing Privately ran Liquor Stores. A few snuck through, but then that concept was somewhat shut down, because the beer and wine stores were bitching. After all, they need a 1/2 million $ pub license to get the beer and wine store, and the new guys only needed a membership card of the party in power. So, to buy beer in Beautiful B.C. we have different tiers. LCB, is the least expensive. The old Distributors are exactly the same. The Beer and wine stores are maybe 15% higher, and the card carriers that snuck in, are about 10% higher than LCB.So as one can plainly see, we have a very complex and convaluted system, most of which is because the government couldn't sack the LCB distribution system, nor it's unionized employees.
I frequent the states, and can find Canadian swill in Safeway or Albertson's for $4.00/dozen. Through LCB, same brewery, is $23.70. So for you folks in Ontario to get beer etc. sold in corner stores like the USA, will never happen. If it does, I will post a video of me eating my hat.

Ian Scott -

It irks me that I can go to the very small northern town of Whitecourt, Alberta and purchase a bottle of Bushmills Black Bush Single Malt for 10.00 cheaper than the LCBO here in the town I live. At a private store that sells wine, beer and liquor. And who have a far better selection of fine wines (from Canada too!) than the LCBO here in my town. Whitecourt population: about 10,000. My town? About 30,000. Who says we need the LCBO to provide us with a good selection?

And the shop in Whitecourt is open to 11PM. 364 days a week. If I miss the 11PM closing of the one, and just want to relax with a few beers or wine, I can go another mile and hit the private store that is open until 2AM.