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rompinreggie -

Yo Alan, I think you just made a political Faux Pas, noting Carole James as leader of the B.C. Liberal Party(near the end of your article). I read it a dozen times, wondering if my Sunday brew got the better of me. If I am wrong, and cross eyed, tell me to shove off.
As far as the election goes, here on the wet coast, not much will change. We have the most antiquated booze laws in N. America, and for any politico to offer free sauce would be like shooting one's self in the groin. Hells Bells, our Happy Hours have to last all day, not the usual American or Mexican couple of hours before, during or after dinner. Seems to me I heard about the Liberal dude offering free suds, but I don't think it got off the ground. Just getting down to the local pub for a pint of anything is similar to running the gauntlet in a William Shakespeare effort. And the thought of trying to make it back home to wife, family and bed, is an impossibility without suffering Wasp attacks(Those irritating things with Yellow Stripes).
Back to the election, it will be a dud, with the same people in total control. Yes, there will be a cabinet shuffle, whereby the Minister of Education takes over Forestry, Mines, and Lands?, and the Health Minister gets hung with Attorney General, or some other absurd position. B.C. is in a bit of a mess, and the best thing about the entire schmozzle, is that Upper Canada doesn't care.

Alan -

Oops. I contradicted even myself. I'll fix that one.

I don't know that much about BC politics. But I miss Van der Zalm. He'd have had free beer.

Larko -

If I am not totally misinformed it would be unthinkable in Russia NOT to have a canteen in the very polling station serving vodka for a reduced price. Then again, the elections in Russia have less to do with democracy than showbiz.