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rompinreggie -

Has anyone out there ever noticed, that it would appear that Australian's don't give a rat's putootie about what people think, nor protocol within the civilized world. I say, good on them. Canada and Canadians have become afraid of their own shadow, kissing the Great American Arse, hoping not to offend them. I think the Raise a Glass for the injured, maimed, dead, and those still putting in time, deserve a toast. Americans too, for that matter. But don't hold your breath here in Canada for anything similar. It would support respect and happiness, and completely go against the grain of what our leaders are turning Canada into.
You know, during the Second World War, there were 2 concerns the enemy of the Allies didn't want to encounter. Australians and Canadians.

Peter Mitcham (Prof. Pilsner) -

Thanks for the post, Alan and for your thoughts too, Reggie.

I think it's great that we can salute the blokes who are out there doing the 'right thing' without glorifying war, supporting the current war(s) or rallying around political flags. Just 'raising a glass' to your fellow man.

Sorry to hear that the Canadian 'spirit' is flagging. I guess the Aussies have always thought of themselves as more like Canadians than Yanks! I'll keep reading to keep up to date with your progress.

Having spent a lot of quality time with Canadian tourists on working holidays in restaurants I have managed over the years, I can say without fear of contradiction (or be accused of blowing sunshine up ya skirts!) that I have always thought of us as kindred spirits. Stick it to 'The Man', a healthy contempt for assumed authority and respect for a fair go.

I will be heading to our nations capital (Canberra, for those playing at home) for the dawn service on ANZAC Day - Australia's sectarian 'sacred day' - and I will raise a glass (or three) to the fallen and the fighting and also a quiet one to my Canadian beer bretheren!

Prof. Pilsner

Bob -

I do find it odd, as an Australian, that this is the first I've heard of this. It's a great idea and one that's going to appeal to almost everyone, but I'm wondering if perhaps I'm just out of the loop or if everyone else in the country is expected to hear about it from some Canadian blog (which I've recently discovered and am having a great time reading, cheers).

Alan -

I don't think so much that Canadian spirit is flagging. - though the Afghan war remains politically divisive. The soldiers, however, are receive great respect. What I mean is that Canadians are culturally so quiet about so many things that such a simple show of respect would be difficult to imagine pulling together. When me and my pals were a backpacking lads, I was treated as the Aussies' nice, less crazy, less fun cousin. I think that is true for the nation.

Prof. Pilsner -


Did I mention that the Scottish are my second favourite overseas friends?!? I see what you mean about the 'cultural quiet' - maybe more good craft beer is the answer! I was working on a post for my blog about Canadian beer but now I might focus more on the beer drinkers instead!

Bob - the Raise a Glass promo is driven by Foster's through a VB sponsorhip in conjunction with the RSL. I hadn't heard about it either til Alan's post which makes me think it must be an in-house pub promotion? They also have ads on VB boxes - I guess neither of us drink VB slabs!

Prof. Pilsner