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hurls -


I was just looking at a few bottles of Alesmith something or other that I've got cellared -- 12% ABV... maybe we gen-xers are getting weak,but I really don't need 22 ounces of that on an average night.. or even most non-average nights.

Jay Brooks -

My understanding of why the wonderful little 7 oz. nip bottle went away, is because the glass manufacturers hiked the price up to the point here it was more expensive than a 750 ml bottle. That's why Anchor stopped using them and, presumably, why they've all but disappeared.

Alan -

Volume sales solves the price issue. Or can it. When I worked in Holland in 1986 we could get a 200 ml can of Heineken. And Coke comes in short 8 oz cans - why not barley wine?

bluealbum -

Yes, it is a problem with these big bottles.. And i would love to see smaller ones, mainly because it's too much to drink by myself sometimes, and what if i dont like it? Plus, the small bottle in the picture is cute!

jesskidden -

Flying Dog in Maryland is doing an 8-pack of 7 oz'ers of their high abv beers, called "Canis Major". They wound up with the ability to bottle in that size since the previous owner of that brewery, Snyder Int'l (which owned the Hudepohl-Schoenling brands at the time) did the "Little Kings Cream Ale" there for awhile.

Unfortunately, the prices on those packs jumped up quite a bit- the same store I bought it for $8.99 in Oct. now prices them in the $12 range.

The bottle is not the same as Anchor's- it's a brown version of the little "long neck" LKCA famously comes in (so it might not have the same issue with price that Jay Brooks notes). The Lion also has the ability to use the bottle since they now do the contract-brewed Little Kings.

The 7 and, to a lesser extent, 8 oz. returnable/refillable (sometimes up to 42 bottles/case) was once pretty common and lasted at least into the 1970's at a lot of PA breweries, where the returnable was long king. I sure miss 'em (they fit nicely in those side leg pocket of overalls for working in the yard or garden).

Bailey -

Beer Nut gets very angry about bottles smaller than 500ml. I love small bottles, though, and think that more intense, darker beers (even if they're not that strong, like Fuller's London Porter) are best that way.

Alan -

I heard that Beer Nut gets very angry about cheese in aerosol spray cans, too. And ice hockey.

In the world of BBQ hot sauce, the size of the bottle can often be an indication of the level of heat. Just makes sense that I need a gallon of 13% beer like I need a pint of habanero chili (chile, chilli) pepper sauce.

iwouldntlivethere -

Are small bottles of barleywine in imitation of Thomas Hardy's? Another advantage to small bottles may be faster aging - smaller volume to oxygen-exchange ratio. I seem to remember something about that regarding aging magnums of wine longer than 750 ml bottles.

Gavin davis -

I miss small bottles, especially for strong beers. When I drink a bottled beer I want a different experience and pouring a beer from heavy pint bottle into a pint glass doesn't do it. Half pint and nip bottles offer a certain ellegance, they add to the pleasure. I would be more likely to order a bottle of Golden Pride if it came in nip or at least a half pint bottle. I would be moe likely to order a bottled pale ale if it came in a half pint with the appropriate glass.