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Libarbarian -

Never mind 3,500 km west, Granville stopped distributing to we thirsty neighbours in the private liquor retailing paradise of Alberta a couple years ago. But then again BC's Nelson Brewing and Tree Brewing started coming to Alberta a couple years ago, so on balance things are okay.

Troy -

I received a box of the Brockton IPA late last week and cracked a couple on Saturday night, although it was the end of the night and I can't remember what they tasted like. I do remember liking it, but thinking it wasn't as hopped up as I thought it would be, coming from the West Coast and all. I better sit back down and taste appropriately.

rompinreggie -

Having the good fortune of living about 60 miles, over the Straight of Georgia and Howe Sound from The Granville Island Brewery, we have a good supply of their various efforts in private beer and wine stores, and also the LCB. Our favourite is the mixed bag(box) with 4 different products. Such a clever idea. My wife, that quaffs about 2 bottles a week, loves the selection. Once you find your favourite, 12 packs are great, especially for me. About 4 per hockey game, relaxs me, wether the Vancouver Canucks win or loose(and win they are doing). Check out their website, and have a gander at their videos. When visiting the fair city of Vancouver, don't miss the brewerie's pub. Quaint. decent food, and a fantastic selection of their beers. Tasters too, as I recall. Enjoy!

Rick Green -

Granville Island Brewing does not have a pub. They have a tap room (http://www.gib.ca/taproom.php) between the brewery and the retail store that normally serves four of their beers on draught -- three of their regular Kelowna brews and the current seasonal brewed there on the Island. Food consists merely of snacks, like chips & salsa and jerky.