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ethan -

The short answer, for me, is yes:

In particular, I can't stand anything that remotely resembles artificial cherry flavor. We had "Matt" recently, a special brew from Hair of the Dog. It's supposed to be fantastic, but I couldn't stand it. Blog Sober on Twitter informed me that it's aged in Eau de Vie barrels, giving it a fruit flavor. To me it tastes artificial and chemical.

I also have an aversion to the off flavor your describe in commercial lagers (at least, I think it's the same thing), but not enough that I can't drink those brews.

Taste is fascinating.

Alan -

I think I have dubbed this flavour "numami" just as Evan Rail described an underlying presence of a pleasant flavour "umami" in his piece today.

Jack P. -

Two tastes I don't like:

1) I can't stand the diacetyl butter flavor in beer. Fortunately it's not common.

2) I'm not into sour either. Every couple of years I try a Gueuze to see if I like them yet, and I find that I still don't.