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virgil g -

New Belgium has crossed the Mississippi, and is available in Illinois now. Not sure how much further it has spread though.

travis -

I had heard that, good call. It's still not in NY so I am going to keep bitching.

Allen Garvin -

Westmalle is one of the really great beers of the world. I've tried beers from all of the Belgian Trappists, and Westmalle is my favorite (I do prefer their tripel), even over Westvleteren. It's gonna come out on top of just about any comparison.

The New Belgian Abbey, though, is a damn good beer. There are a lot of Belgian beers similar in style that fail to meet its complexity and downright yumminess. And it's very widely available here in Texas, and relatively cheap. I buy Westmalle not infrequently, but only a bottle here and there 'cause of it's cost. A six pack of NB Abbey makes a great accompaniment to a dinner for 2 for under 10 bucks. That's a big plus.

Out of the top 10 microbreweries in the US (by production volume), NB consistently makes the beers I like the best. I wish they'd bring back some of their older ones, like their Porch Swing Single (an medium-dark abbey single with a lot of hop character) or their Saison (lots of hops and great phenolic yeastiness).

Marc Rikmenspoel -

The Saison won't be back, the special yeast that gave that phenolic flavor played havoc with the other yeasts in their brewhouse. So it was banished to the void.

New Belgium's Trippel has become a popular choice in Colorado, because is packs a serious punch at 7.8%, has a rich yet not overpowering flavor, and doesn't cost much more than other craft beers.