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Paul Garrard -

I'm a CAMRA member but I do have mixed feelings about some of the messages/statistics they put out. When I first started going into pubs in 1970 people were complaining about prices then. Going to the pub is about entertainment and has nothing to do with the price of beer. I both go to the pub and buy beer from the supermarket, one doesn't influence the other. If your income in real terms goes down then your disposable income goes down; thus your entertainment budget gets squeezed - pubs are competing with Satellite TV, Cinemas, Concert Halls, the Interweb etc etc for people's time and money and not supermarkets.

I suspect at some time in the future they'll be a movement to save our supermarkets in the face of a new agressive form of retail distribution yet to be invented.

Alan -

Wasn't that risk to the supermarkets supposed to be the internet circa 1997?

Paul Garrard -

The next threat will probably come from matter transporters.

The Beer Nut -

If the yeast in suspension has been deconstructed at the atomic level and then rebuilt identically elsewhere, does the beer still qualify as real ale?

Paul Garrard -

In CAMRA's eyes probably not.