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TeacherPatti -

Minty hops? How come I have never heard of these before? Have I not been paying attention, or are they not used all that often?
Either way, sounds intriguing....

LTS! -

I have family in Maine and have enjoyed quite a few Allagash beers. I have yet to sample this beauty but it will be added to my list. And yes.. your camera technique is just fine, a nice cellar feel.

Alan -

TeacherP, the Northern Brewer hop that is traditionally used in Guinness and other hops gives off, to my taste, a minty or methol thing. Dave Line in his book "Brewing Beers Like Those You Buy" from the mid-1970s recommends using 3 oz of them in five gallons of his Guinness clone.

TeacherPatti -

Thanks, Alan. Maybe that's why I don't like Guinness...I don't care for that mentholy type taste....