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Alan -

Martyn has much more on yeast this morning over here.

Gavin Sherlock -

Ack! I'm one of the two egg heads, and have to hold up my hands to say I missed the "hoppy" mistake in the New Scientist article when they sent it to me to look over. If anyone wants a copy of the paper, send me email (address on my website), and I'll gladly send it.

Alan -

Hey! Hi Gavin. We love our eggheads as beer needs them. I will send you a request but I am sure I won't understand it!

Hillary Sussman -

Perhaps the "egg heads" at the New Scientist are oenophiles but I believe Drs. Dunn and Sherlock were correct in saying the variation in genetic architecture of the yeast strains is likely to "play important roles during fermentation of the wort substrate."

Alan -

No doubt everything else they said was right. And there are no quotation marks around egg heads.

Hillary Sussman -

"egg heads" [sic]...in the event any other eggheads are following this post.

Alan -

Thank you!

If we are going to be juvenile about such things (and, give this blog of mine is all about beer, I highly hope we are), I expect that we shall do it with such style and aplomb as you just displayed so well.

I bow to you, Dr. Sussman.

Alan -

Hey - Gavin Sherlock gave me another heads up: "As soon the as the pdf at Genome Research is available later today, I'll send a copy. I need to read it myself to refresh my memory, as I'm going to be on NPR's Science Friday for the last 20 minutes tomorrow!"

Here is more from the Science Friday site.

Hillary Sussman -

Tonight Alan, in celebration of lager yeast genomes, I bow to you and your blog all about beer.

Ethan -

Ach- just heard this on NPR, while skimming through my RSS reader and Lo! talk about synchronicity.

But thanks for saving me the short blog post!

That guy definitely knew more about yeast than beer!

Barbara Dunn -

I'm the other egg head on the paper, and I personally bow down to Saccharomyces cerevisiae (and S. pastorianus too, of course!) for the great job they do in providing humankind with an amazing variety of tasty and useful products!
And to make a disclaimer: we are primarily yeast genome specialists, not brewers (although there is a new grad student in the lab who home-brews), and we hope that putting these studies into the public eye will allow those with better knowledge in the brewing arena to make even further insights about possible uses or inferences for beer making...