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TeacherPatti -

I thought the quote about how Japan's economy doesn't require workers to drink together was interesting. I don't think that the USA's culture does that, either. Certainly, I've never had coworkers with whom I've gone out drinking (either as a teacher or in my previous life as a legal aid lawyer), and I don't recall any place of work ever encouraging that. How about Canada?

Alan -

I had pals who taught English in Japan in the early 90s and that blind drunk culture was very much what they were dealing with, out multiple times a week with co-workers getting blasted, shaking it off and doing it again over and over. Nothing like here. That only happens in maple syrup season here.

Beer in Japan -

These days craft beers are on the rise in Japan, with even companies like Asahi starting to support the sale of local and international craft beers in some of their pubs (ag Asahi Annex).