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The Beer Nut -

All right then. So when one doesn't have suitable cellaring facilities should one drink-young-and-be-damned or risk the beer spoiling as it ages in my, I mean one's, foetid garden shed?

Alan -

1. cube fridge?
2. boxes in closet wrapped in blankets?
3. Bury it?

My understanding is that it is short term temperature swings which are most damaging. So if you can insulate without necessarily chilling, you can extend life and get the benefit of some controlled mellowing.

zythophile -

The loft is fine - as Alan said, it's violent ups and downs in temperature that are harmful, not slow day-to-day changes. I have eight or nime cases' worth of beer maturing in my loft right now (and four cases of wine in the cupboard under the stairs, but that's another story ...) Even if it does get hot in your loft, that will only speed up the maturing slightly, and it ain't gonna get so cold iun Dublin that your beer will freeze, BN (and if it does, you'll have more to worry about than whether your Harvey's Imperial will pop its cork ...)

Joe -

My Marvel comics are 1980s, but yeah. In a room full of beer geeks, especially the sort that cellar beers or keep notes, it's a bit frightening to ask how many collected baseball cards, comics or similar things when we were kids.

We're lucky enough to be in a building where each apartment has its own cellar room. Ours ranges from 12-16 C (53-60 F) depending on the time of year. But I'm not very organized about the beer. My best chance is to hide it in a hard-to-reach place. I like to open stuff, especially when we have company.

Also, my comics are in crap condition because I read them over and over. Go figure.