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Lubiere -

Have a great trip, Al!

Definitely go to Le Dép de la Rive...

There are a few spots in Trois Rivieres which also stock up on rare QC brews, and one of them is close to the 40:

Aux Dieux de la bière
5770, boulevard Jean-XXIII (Jean 23 Exit)
819 840-3596


and go to Shawinigan....2 excellent brewpubs there!


Alan -

Hey! Thanks Lubiere. Any gems I should look for and - more importantly - are all these shops going to be open on a Sunday?

TeacherPatti -

Sorry you can't make it into the Ann Arbor area! If you do happen to see any Arbor Brewing Company beer in your travels, I'd recommend it. I have cases and cases of it in my basement right now (long story).

Safe and happy travels! :)

Jim Rizzo -

Looks like you'll be going through New Brunswick. Check out Picaroons in Fredericton. I drank a lot of their beer while I was up there for a conference this summer. It's good stuff. Their bitter and Irish red are fantastic, and their IPA is different, but excellent. I wish I could get it in the States.

Paul of Kingston -

A journey to the marche Jovi some 24 months ago led me to Unibroue's Eau de Benite. I totally enjoyed it and crave more but alas cannot find it agin - not even on Unibroue's website. Anyways - drink it if you find it on your junket.