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The Beer Nut -

I'll be expecting the same thing here.

Each of Ireland's Big Three brewers had an American macrolager in their contract-brew portfolio: Diageo make Bud; Heineken make Coors Light; S&N made Miller. So now that the Big Three is down to a Big Two, I'm guessing we'll lose our Miller.

I can't answer what Miller meant to the English drinker, but according to an internal document of S&N's Irish operation (quoted here): "we wish to be considered a credible alternative to Budweiser. Budweiser stands for brash America and MGD to stand for urban cool America."

Funny word, "credible".

Alan -

"...Budweiser stands for brash America and MGD to stand for urban cool America..."

How bizzare. Each stand for cheap ass $3.99 six-packs in roadside gas station coolers to me. Beer to drink when you have run out of dough.

The Beer Nut -

Over here they cost as much as, and often more than, local microbrews. They're "premium" dontcherknow. And all that TV airtime costs money.

Ron Pattinson -

I'm sure Beer Nut is right - it's all to do with the takeover of S & N by Heineken and Carlsberg. Whay would they want to brew a brand from one of their megabrewery rivals?

Joe Jacobs -

Now, if we could only get Miller to pull themselves out of the American market as well...

jim -

Beer pricing is out of control.
Its less expensive and more rewarding to enjoy a bottle of three buck chuck (wine) than to consume overpriced beer.
Beer producers need to fund their own health and retirement benefits, like the rest of us, from their own inflated salaries.

henry roberson -

hello why dont you make six packs of miller beer some time we dont want 12 pack so when will you start makeing six packs

henry roberson -

i live in north carolina and hope you start makeing six pack soon