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Knut Albert -

This is absolute rubbish. They would not dare to stop the marketing of the multinational lager affectionately known as Wifebeater, would they? In a country where cut prize lager and mediocre beers where the word STRONG is the most prominent feature of the can, they pick on two small craft brewers.

If this was being done by a public body, they could not have operated like the Portman Group does.

If those "rulings" are upheald, I really hope there are free speech organisations who'll back taking this to the courts. And in addition this is in violation of all the principles of free trade embedded in both UK and European legislation.

Knut Albert -

Oh yes, declaration of interest from me, too:
I have received several bottles of beer from James Watt. I would not accept any beverage sponsored by the Portman Group.

Paul Garrard -

This is all far too ridiculous but unfortunately very real. Shepherd Neame can get away with their distasteful ads which are far more offensive than Brewdog or Skullsplitter combined. Next we'll be burning witches at the stake again.

Alan -

How about a boycott of vendors who buckle to the shadowy Portman Group?

And I may well have taken ad money from its members one way or another. Don't care.

Alan -

Skull Splitter saved from the shadowy Portman Group.