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Billy Broas -

It's tough to say how long the price inflation is going to last. As the article mentioned there should be some relief as farmers plant more hops, but as the prices of other commodities rise that compete for the same land (e.g. corn) it could mean a long-term price shift for hops.

I tend to look for a silver lining and believe (as I think you do Alan) that this is an opportunity to innovate. Smart brewers will seek out new techniques and ingredients, and we may even see the birth of new styles - which I welcome with open arms. If the price of hops do come down and we can once again brew our hop-crazy IPAs then we'll be blessed with a new basket of variety. Innovate on brewers!

Alan -

This may also be a time when it will be wise to aim to the customer's price point instead of blandly saying get used to it. Innovations that maintain your base are also a great way to build loyalty, a much more important sort of relationship compared to that of fan and celebrity.