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Ethan -

I think VT's laws restrict their brewing a <i>true</i> barley wine... I thought it was pretty good for what it was, though.

The BA cover/tap handles were not especially clever or inspired- or even creepy. Hipster and Weekly Dig-esque, maybe. Now, take a blowtorch to those heads, maybe stick in some battery-powered led-eyes... and we're talking. :)

Alan -

You have put that two and two that I missed together, Ethan, but you know I had in the back of my head that, being that the place is so small, Vermont brewers might still brew higher test brews for sale in other states. I know I bought this one out of state. But I had assumed the ban was not on brewing or possessing but selling.

Ethan -

I think the VT brewing industry is trying to tackle both sides of the issue... For all the strangeness of Canadian regulation, American states sure do present a hodgepodge of weirdness themselves, eh?

I wonder if you could duck it through bottle re-fermentation... "gee, officer, it was only 7% when I bottled it!"

tf -

re: Vermont's alcohol laws - stronger beers can be sold, but only in the state-controlled liquor stores, not grocery stores or gas stations. I think there's currently a fight to try & change this.

I think Rock Art does make some stronger beers (marketed in bombers as the "Extreme Series" or some such name).

Nice site, btw.

jsled -

The law was regarding selling >8% beer in non-liquor stores, but I can understand that a local brewery wouldn't regularly brew something that they then couldn't sell in the local grocery/convenience store.

The other Rock Art "Extreme" series are generally slightly higher ABV, but only as a side effect of doing strange styles and brews.

In any case, Vermont "Popped the Cap" a few weeks ago, the limit is now 16% (15%, maybe?). :) I'd link to details on BeerAdvocate, but it's presently down. :(

Alan -

They must like me more at BA as it worked when I tried it.