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Buttle -

I never thought I'd feel sorry for a spiritualist medium Bud drinker. I can see this happening in the US. It seems less to do with actually preventing underage drinking -- if that was his plan, why wouldn't he just ask the girl to stay in the car? -- than about "sending a message" that Tesco is opposed to underage drinking.

Paul -

<i>Mr Zenden, who has worked as a spiritualist medium for 25 years, said: "I was dumbfounded..."</i>

Surely this should have come as no surprise to him!

Aisha -

This is not unusual in the United States. Both Florida and Massachusetts will not sell you alcohol if you enter the store with someone under age. Everyone in the store has to show ID and be over 21. Trust me, it happened to me once in each state. One of my friends was over 21, but he left his ID in the car because he doesn't drink. They would not sell me alcohol, even after he left the store. Same case in FL (different friend).