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Knut Albert -

I don't know what a fan zone is, but I have a strong feeling I do not want to be inside it.

If they go to Austria for the matches, they could obviously go to the stadium and not the fan zone. Or they could go to any pub in Vienna, there are a dozen brewpubs with better beer than the official lager. For cheap swill, they could go to a supermarket and then drink their discount beers on the banks of the Danaube. (I'm afraid it's grey, not blue). They can get a bus to Slovakia, where a decent pint is about 50 cent, and where there probably are some enterprising guys setting up a fan zone for all I know.
Somehow I have a feeling they will manage to get pissed.

And I think these are the same people who could afford very pricy charter tickets to Moscow for the game last week....

The Beer Nut -

("expect pineapple", says your rather Zen reCaptcha this morning. I will.)

The same thing happened with the World Cup two years ago when Anheuser-Busch bought the stadium beer rights. Seeing stadia the length and breadth of Germany advertising nothing but Bud was surreal to say the least.

Boak -

You could get some Bitburger in the stadiums during the world cup - but they wouldn't even let you take water in, let alone anything decent.

I'm quite looking forward to being in Germany for Euro 2008 - they put on a great show in 2006 and it was a lot of fun being there; the fact that the tournament is in neighbouring countries shouldn't stop the fun...