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Stonch -

It depends on the pub I'm in. I don't like the assumption that beer should be sold like petrol, with a "pump price". You have to consider the charms (and overheads) of where you're at.

Alan -

How does the charm of the bar affect the medical effect of the alcohol?

Stonch -

Can we just pretend I never made that comment. I did so without reading the article, just the heading. I thought it was about beer pricing again. Sorry.

Alan -

Haha! I immediately knew that. I was being coy in my response ;-)

Bailey -

First: it was Boak. Apologies for any confusion.

Secondly: I've been pondering this and I think that all the talk about how too much booze can make you feel a bit tired or put you at increased risk of falling over is not what worries people. People want to know how much they can get away with drinking before (a) their liver gets permanently screwed and (b) they become bona fide alcoholics. Guidance which is more personalised and more frank would go down very well. As it is, by setting the limits very low to be on the safe side, they're making it very easy to reject them outright.