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Ian in Cowtown -

Stupid, stupid, stupid...

BTW Alan, BrewDog beers are available in Canada, in Alberta to be precise. We have Punk IPA, Physics Amber, Riptide Stout and Paradox. I've tried everything but the Paradox (which sits idle in the Stash for a cold winter night) and they are all very good. The only drawback is they are very pricy (about $3.50 a single with Paradox closer to $8), but it seems like all beer in Alberta is these days...


Alan -

Wow - who knew - my source of supply under the National Beer Policy has yet to provide me with a sample.


Leigh -

interesting, very interesting. And ridiculous. BrewDog have done nothing wrong - and i'm yet to see a binge-drinker lolloping around inner-city Leeds with a bottle of 'agressive' IPA in his kebab-stained mitt. so much for individual, progressive marketing eh? Next time they'll be saying all beer labels must have a rural scene on them - just to conform to 'what we know, and like...' - thanks for posting this, mate.

Paul of Kingston -

Wow. Hard to believe an organization not affiliated with a peculiar slant on religious belief could spew such self righteous drivel.

Hello Portman Group, Hello 1984.